Rev Pauline (Pauline's Dream) - Pauline Jean
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"The deeply soulful and melodious voice of Haitian-American singer Pauline Jean delights audiences at home and abroad, perfectly capturing her creole background and love of classic jazz music with tunes and arrangements of her own creation."


Kreol Magazine


“Pauline Jean is one of those rare musicians who possesses an ancient spirit. Her Haitian roots extend her heritage back to Africa, to the griots of tribal societies. She could of course be happy and successful as a jazz singer, but mystical influences engaged her with a deeper realm, chosen by ancestors to tell their story, in their language. It is a serious undertaking which she manifests with music...” 


All About Jazz,

James Nadal


"...captivating the audience with her commanding vocals and strong stage presence..."


Afropop Worldwide

Sharonne Cohen


"une belle étoile montante, la chanteuse Pauline  Jean... Magnifique dans sa robe chamarrée, elle chanta de sa voix de contralto chaudement voilée, parfois canaille à la Dee Dee, très “rauque ‘n‘ roll”, aussi bien en anglais, espagnol que, bien sûr, en créole. On n’oubliera pas de si tôt son envoûtante version de “Here’s To Life“ où elle sut, comme Shirley Horn, sans mimétisme ni maniérisme, avec une sensualité toute féline, déployer son art de l’ellipse et de la lenteur, sa science érotique du suspense et du silence."


Jazz Magazine

Pascual Anquetil


"...un diamant noir: la magnifique voix de Pauline Jean."


  Le Nouvelliste

  Roland Leonard


"Pauline Jean impresses on several fronts. Firstly her melodious contralto voice, which unfailingly takes you on an emotional ride. Secondly, ... her composing and arranging skills.  Finally, her adventurousness in repertoire.”


Jazzwise Magazine

Peter Quinn


 “Dans un savant mélange de tonalités de grandes prêtresses du jazz, elle a concilié les racines fusionnelles de la musique populaire haïtienne dans un kreyòl jazz éblouissant”.


Le Nouvelliste

Claude Bernard Sérant


 “…owner of incredible voice…Pauline Jean. It was she who showed a new approach from classical music to jazz, by adding elements of Afro-Haitian music.” (Translation)


 Russian Press

 Vladimir: Vedom News

 Julia Zaripov


“…Jean possesses the innate facility to sing in her Haitian native language, Kreyol, adding legitimacy to the interpretations.”


“Jean has been favorably compared to a several vocalists, but through confidence in her abilities, has developed her own voice.

It has been said that a good jazz singer should invoke hornlike sounds, with shades of tones and phrasings that go well beyond just singing the lyrics, and this absolutely describes Pauline Jean.” 


All About Jazz, James Nadal


“…Pauline Jean, one of the most talented vocalists in the field.”


JVC Jazz Festival 2007, NYC     

Takehiko Tokiwa


“Shimmery, sensuous Pauline Jean pays tribute... to the jazz/soul icon, Nina Simone. Jean's outfit and hair-do accentuated her resemblance to a young Simone. And notwithstanding Jean's more animated singing style and somewhat deeper voice than her venerated song goddess, it was clear from the outset that she would lovingly present both Simone's music and her oft-declared-in-song emotional response to being a woman and being black. "  


Cabaret Scenes Magazine

Peter Leavy

Convergences Encuentros Y Desencuentros En El Jazz Latino (Agreements and Disagreements in Latin Jazz") written by Luc Delannoy. Mentioned along with prominent Jazz musicians of Haitian decent.


Pushkin Evening News

MTV Lebanon - News

Pskov News  (go to the 29:41 mark)

Write up in Jazz Magazine by Pascal Antequil  (France)

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